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In South Africa DSTV has been all the craze up to about 8 years ago when people started feeling a bit ripped off.  High prices for repeated shows, and not having the choice of what you want to watch.   I feel like the only thing that kept DSTV going and is still keeping them going, is the sport and news channels.   Supersport broadcasts for instance the RWC, and without them you are unlikely to view the game.   

For me, it wasn’t enough to stay with DSTV.  I stopped using them when I moved up to Joburg. 
Even though the apartment that I rent has a decoder, I just have no interest to connect it.

Instead I have a Netflix account and have been watching it on TV via HDMI.   However, I’ve felt like it was limiting.  Obviously having to use a HDMI cord to begin with, and secondly because while in use, my laptop would be left close by the TV as the cord is ‘t-h-i-s short’, meaning either I work/play on my laptop, or watch TV.  Either or.  Not both.

BUT… thanks to Twitter I scrolled past a comment of someone who bought a Xiaomi box.   A load of googling ensued and I found myself wondering on what planet I’ve been living.  I’m so far behind time.  Why did I not know about this sooner!

I’m quite technically minded, but a little behind technical news.   In other words, I can figure anything out…. when I actually know about it! 

So I called up Incredible Connection to hear if they have stock, which they did, and that same day I ran in there straight to the TV section and got Mi Box!!

MAN!   Am I happy!  I am just amazed at the convenience and also at how easy it is to set up.
It also has Chromecast which allows me to stream via my TV from my laptop – through the box!


Google Assistant Voice Controls
Built-in Chromecast
4K HDR Video
Runs Android 8.1
2GB of RAM
8GB of Built-in Storage
5G Wifi
5.1 Surround Sound Output
 Sleek design


Limited Remote
Picture quality is not that good
Some stuttering when Chromecasting 

Mi Box S 4K Xiaomi

Basic, but does the job

I suspect that there would be better versions to come, but for me for now, this is a gem.

It is for the virgins of Android TV, and I’m certainly one of those.


You can use your smart phone to control the box, like a remote, by downloading the app.

You can re-order channels by pressing left on the navigation followed by select.  Up/down arrows will appear.

You can re-order and remove apps.  Press and hold the select button to move or remove it.

You can add videos to a ‘play-next’.  Again press and hold the select button and add to ‘play next’.

Happy times


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