Experiment Cascade Manor Waterfall

Who's up for an experiment?

Can you do nothing for 5 minutes?

How are you feeling right now?

Are you up for an experiment?  Are you ready to do nothing on purpose?    

Most people would not ‘have the time’ for this experiment.  They’d rather pick up the computer and move on to the next post or site, or see what’s happening on social media.  As it is, people find it hard to do just one thing, let alone nothing.  When you are watching tv, are you also on your phone?  When you’re attending an online presentation, are you also checking your mails?  I’ve done these things.  I’ve had a full-on conversation with someone right in front of me, while typing finishing off a mail… 

How about we sit, and for just 5 minutes, do nothing.

Set an alarm for a 5 minute countdown.

Make sure there’s nothing that will distract you. Now, just sit.  Don’t do anything.  Don’t worry about your phone, don’t watch tv,  don’t reach for your computer…  Ignore incoming messages or pings you hear from your phone.  No, you’re not suddenly thirsty!  Be still.  Just be.  For 5 minutes.

You may find your mind is suddenly popping up with thoughts or you may have an itch, or an urge to do something.  Acknowledge the thought and let it go.  Don’t give in to your urges. Don’t fidget.  DO nothing.

How do you feel?

Was it easy or hard to do nothing? 

Compared to before…. how do you feel?  

Did this time make you feel better in any way?  Did you learn anything from it?  Did you notice which thoughts came up?  Do you think doing this ever day might be beneficial for your state of mind?

Maybe starting this practice daily is just what you need, and perhaps you want to increase your time… That’s great!  Know that every day will be different.  Some days it is easier than other days.  But the act of doing it, NOTHING essentially, especially when it is hard, is important to your well-being.  Everyone can find at least 5 minutes in their day.  Check in with yourself before you check in with the world.

“You’re the sky – everything else, it’s just the weather.”

The photos on this post was taken at Cascade Manor in Paarl when I was there for a short stay in November last year.   You can read the post on Cascade here.

Just be.

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