Higher Living Organic Teas

Something different to your normal brew

I came across Higher Living Organic Tea via a colleague who let me try one of hers.  It led to me having an impromptu visit to the Woolworths tea isle, and being amazed at all the new teas I’ve never seen before.

To be honest, I’m more of a coffee person.   ‘Insert coffee to begin’…

I won’t let go of my morning coffee.  Instead, for the rest of the day I now have a variety of teas to chose from.

As someone who doesn’t have sugar or milk in my coffee, tea has never appealed much, cause you know in South Africa they know how to ruin a good tea with too much sugar and milk.  BUT, these organic teas are really stand-alone teas.  They don’t need anything added, not even honey.   They speak for themselves (and their aromas do too).  I love the fact that they are 100% natural, certified organic and the teabags are unbleached.

My current favourite is the Golden Turmeric.

A spicy infusion of:

turmeric 64%
ginger 18%
liqorice 15%
rose petals 3%

It is naturally caffeine free.

Quite a cool use of their packaging is that on the inside of the box, you can find illustrations to colour with your own creative flair.

You can then post is onto their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

Happy living!

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