My tea-infused oats

Upgrade your mornings with tea-infused oats.

I realise I’ve gone a bit tea-mad these last few days to the point where I am now making tea-infused oats…   Short of buying almost the whole range of Higher Living Tea, I did go back this evening for one more flavour.   

Apart from the Higher Living brand, I’ve also indulged a little in the new Woolworths range, which includes a Cranberry, Apple & Cinnamon Tea.  

I know, I know… I’m dangerously close to being called the mad-hatress.

But the thing is, when you start to think about it, tea really has so many possibilities.

I made a list!

1.   For one, did you know, there is such a thing as Bubble Tea.  Don’t worry.  Neither did I.   But now we know.

2    After water, it is the numero uno most popular drink in the world.

3.   Technically herbal tea isn’t tea.  This messes with my new found tea craze.  But the fact is, herbal teas don’t actually contain any tea leaves. Which is why they are usually caffeine-free.   So I guess they are herbal drinks.

4.   Number 3 is still bothering me.

5.   This is not a list of possibilities, but a sad realisation that I must continue with my initial post, which is a recipe!

During a conversation with my colleague who is nearly as tea-mad, in fact she may be more, the idea of using the tea in home-made ice-tea came about.   Then this morning when preparing my oats, the head-bulb moment occurred.  Why not use the tea in my oats?!  I thought I may have reached a Eureka effect, only to discover on google that just about every other human being has tried it.   So you may be reading this and thinking, Heidi… you are behind time,  and I concur, yes I fucking am.

None the less, here’s my brilliant recipe:


1 x Cranberry, Apple & Cinnamon tea bag (from Woolworths).

Half a cup of almond milk.

60g Steel cut oats.

1 apple.

1 Tbsp Honey.

A sprinkle of cinnamon.

The anise star is just for show.


1.  Heat the milk in a small sauce pot.  Get it to the point of steam rising, but the milk is not bubbling.

2.  Remove the milk from the heat, add the tea bag, cover and steep for 10 minutes.

3.  Remove the tea bag and add the oats and bring back to a boil.  Stir and let thicken.  If needed add water to thin slightly.

4.  Stir in the honey.

5.  Spoon into a bowl, sprinkle some cinnamon and top with sliced apple.

6.  Eat.

Tea infused oats recipe

I loved it.  The fragrance more than the taste.  I added some more honey at the end.

It made me realise though, that life is but an experiment.  I should experiment more.

Happy times!

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