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Hbubblesover Turns Two

I can hardly believe it,  the little blog I started ‘the other day’ turns TWO.

It’s still an infant, learning, growing, becoming more and more each month.   And I am loving it.   It’s a pastime that brings me such a great amount of pleasure, literally and emotionally.  

Also, two is my favourite number.  Two comes immediately after the number one, lol, which is both original and self-sufficient. TWO however resonates with balance, union, duality of body and spirit,  and sharing, you know… someone you can klink your bubbly glass with.

When we are aligned with the vibrational energy of number 2 we are actually in a position of trusting the universe.

Hbubblesover turns TWO

Hbubblesover started as a lifestyle blog with a focus on travel mainly.  In time it became more clear where my interests was focused, and so the blog grew to include sections for Yoga, mindfulness, wellness, adventure, food, and of course ‘The Bubble’.   

Initially I had a lot of content that just didn’t make sense having on here anymore, so I removed a some posts and categories to keep it simple.

Still, the blog is forever changing as I grow as a person and learn more.  I have an inquiring mind and spend a lot of time researching subjects like spirituality, mind health, anatomy, (the latter came from practicing Yoga), and how it all fits together with our own energy as a person and that of the entire world.  These are topics of conversations I have with close friends, and like to share on the blog too.


Why in the world would
I settle on
such a

I am a bit random like that...
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Two for Insta 2

I know some people can’t pronounce it, other’s don’t get it at all, in fact my accountant calls it H-blah-hahaha!

No joke, he does!  It cracks me up, it IS funny – Hblahhahaha. 

Jokes aside, let me clear this up:  
H – for Heidi,
Bubbles – being like the fizz in a bottle of bubbly when it pops open,
Over- ‘my cup floweth over’.  Spiritual cup that is…

Truth is 

I was called Bubbles in school, and it stuck.  I created my social media profiles with that name and when it came to a name for my blog, which had nothing to do with Champagne bubbles or being a bubbly person, it was just me in a nutshell, put into letters.  Blog named.  That was that.

What is new?

I am adding a Tarot section/category under More & More.  I’ve read Tarot for twenty five odd years.  It’s a part of my life.   

For about 5 years I took a break from it, but since I got serious about Yoga, it somehow brought me back to my readings.  And these two things along with meditation, I make time for every single day.

My father used to be a priest, so you must know that I am well aware of controversial opinions, but when he allowed me to read for him one day many years down the line, he softly uttered and said, ‘uh, that’s quite good’.  Lol.



Hbubblesover and Tarot

How am I celebrating?

Not at all like in the picture!  But I can reminisce!

Sadly, South Africa is deep into the second wave of this virus.  We have early curfews and no one is allowed to consume any alcohol.  

This makes me sad for everyone in the industry as all restaurants and liquor stores can’t work.  The economy is suffering as it is.  At the same time, I understand that the hospitals can’t cope, and alcohol related emergency visits do not help the situation.

I am writing this blog post, that is how I am celebrating the blog turning TWO.   


Want a reading?

As it is new to the blog, and I would also like to start growing the Facebook page, 
I am going to randomly select 3 people who newly follows the page from today, and announce the 3 winners on the 31st of January, after which we will schedule a reading time/day that suites us both.

I gave myself a word for 2021 (read about it here), and you will have a choice of:
 me guiding you to YOUR word for 2021 with the help of the cards. 
 you can ask the cards any one thing you would like to have insight into.

I will have these readings with you via Zoom, (online) within the first two weeks of February.
You will of course need your own access to the internet.

Visit the Hbubblesover Facebook page. and press ‘Follow’ for your entry.

Happy times ヅ

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