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My Top 10 Travel Essentials

Always remember these items

I haven’t yet become a selfie-stick person, and I’d love to one day use a camera other than the one on my phone (which is real good  – Huawei).   A drone is also in my near-future sights.  For now though, beside my phone and laptop, these are my top 10 travel essentials.

For obvious reasons, a Kindle can hold so many books, while having to carry physical books with you can be just too damn heavy.

I’m late to the Kindle fad though because I am a fan of the real thing.   But I can see how I’d quickly become a Kindle die-hard.

The latest version is waterproof too.   You know, for if you’re at the beach or in a pool lying on a lilo lost in a story..

Too many times in the past I’d have to walk downstairs to the hotel reception asking for an adapter, because my curling tong/chargers don’t fit their plugs.  No more!

Most types are compatible in over 150 countries, compact and light-weight.

Usage for: cellphone, power bank, kindle, camera and iPad etc.

Power bank

A silent portable power station for any additional power-ups you may need.

For smartphones, iPads, GPS, MP3s, cameras, laptops, drones, mini projectors, mini-refrigerators, car vacuums, car refrigerators, car fans, car chargers and other small power supplies.

Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Free from wires, and easy to use.

There are many types and brands available online with various price-ranges.

I like the JBL brand which comes with a smart charging case.

Global WiFi at your fingertips.  How cool is this!

I’ve only just discovered the device which launched 2019.

It’s a definite wish-list item of mine.

A steel cable security lock.

TSA Approved – It can be unlocked and relocked by TSA agents.

Coated Steel Construction – For long-lasting durability with steel-shackle to resist being cut or broken.

3-Digit Personalised Combination – No need for keys.

I use this for my gym-locker too or anything I want to secure.

When I started taking videos, I quickly learnt the value of memory cards! 

What are your cant-go-without items ?

Happy travels!

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