Time is on my side


Time is on my side

All we can shape is the present moment

I clearly remember the day when my friends Carike and Del helped me lift and push my over-weight bag into the boot of the car, before wishing me well.   

I was on my way to the airport to catch a one-way flight to my new home.

Today marks two years since I stepped foot here, started a new position and a new life in Joburg.

Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.

Time really does fly.   I mean it’s not so long ago I thought jokingly ‘ah I forgot to have kids’.    I’m certainly not going to have any now.

I used to be busy all the time.  Moving to Jhb changed that.   I thought that when I moved here, I’d be MORE busy for sure.   But the opposite happened.   I suddenly had time for ME.



At first I spent it attending art shows, checking out food stalls, and then plotting my way through establishing the best spa, grocer, pharmacy, mall, finding a hair-stylist (one I can stick with).

I became comfortable with my new surroundings and loved my new-found freedom.  

In Port Elizabeth, because of its small size, friends would meet up all the time.   Have drinks here, dinner there, walk on the beach quick, meet up for a cuppa, secret sunrise sessions, late nights.   If I had time alone, it was to sleep!

In Joburg you plan your outings, and spend most your time at home.  It sounds dull, but secretly I love the time I unexpectedly have for myself.

Being comfortable alone even got me to travel to an island solo, cause I felt like it.   I wouldn’t do that before.  I’ve learnt that I love spending time with myself and to not wait to do things, because the time will never be just right.  


Don't watch the clock. Do what it does. Keep going.

I’ve become more conscious of how I spend my time alone, wanting to be creative rather than ‘vegging’.   Though time I enjoyed wasting, was never wasted.   

There’s a time for everything.   For little pursuits to big challenges.   Time to reflect and time to build.  Time to step up and sometimes let someone else step forward.  

As long as I work with time and not against it, and make it count, then time is on my side.



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