Both legs are bent and tops/sides of both feet rest on the floor. The knees should also be resting on the floor.

3) The Seiza Position

This is basically a kneeling position.   You can use a pillow or cushion or a meditation bench under the sit-bones to support the spine and to take pressure off of the knees.

4) Sitting on a chair

If you have injuries, have sensitive knees or are a bit stiff, the use of a chair is perfectly acceptable.  Just don’t lean into the chair, keep sitting up straight. Keep the feet flat on the floor.

5) Corpse Pose (Shavasana)

I call this the bliss pose.   You lie flat on your back, face upwards, hands to the side on the ground, palms face up, feet to the corners of the mat, eyes closed.  (I’m referring to a yoga mat just to clear up any confusion..  I don’t want your legs stretched into splits incase you are lying on a grand size carpet ヅ ).

Most people prefer to simply sit cross-legged with both feet resting on the floor under the opposite thighs.

There are meditation cushions that can be bought that raise the sit-bones higher than the knees and help to keep a straight spine.  It helps especially with long meditations.  But any prop will do, like a folded blanket.