The Kimberley Copper Bell
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The Patience Game

Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.

I’m going to jump right in.  Who ever called it The Patience Game?  I DO NOT have the patience of a saint.  I barely have the ability to wait 5 minutes, let alone 6 hours.

In this moment I am referring to my long wait at the airport for my return flight that was changed by the airline, AFTER being booked and paid.  I shouldn’t be surprised.  According to the assistant the airline reserves the right to change their flights.

Sure, within reason I can understand, but 6 hours!  

Where am I? Kimberley.

When I contacted them, they did offer me an alternative flight to return literally two hours after my arrival.  I don’t think they thought that one through…

Where am I?   

In Kimberley.  The Big Hole.  No, literally, the town with the big hole.  I’m not calling it a hole. ヅ

The Big Hole, Kimberley, South Africa
Image by Jennifer Sophie - Getty Images, via Canva

To turn the disappointment into a positive, I considered taking a trip to The Big Hole but there were only two tour slots, and the one would be during my appointment,  the other would be while on route back to the airport.    So that idea was one hole experience missed.   

General theme for the day — not winning!  I’m telling you, patience is not a game. ヅ

What I’ve learnt from this miss-experience, is to not book flights on different airlines for a round trip.  Apparently if one part of your trip is changed for whatever reason, you can only request a cancellation and refund on that part.  Meaning you still have to  fly on the other, or forfeit.  

When departing from Jhb there was my flight on SA Airlink and right next door to my boarding gate was another flight to Kimberley, by SA Express at exactly the same time.    My flight was near empty.  SA Express‘s flight also had few travelers.  These extra options just complicate life for everyone involved because of them having to PROBABLY cancel flights at late notice.   

This trip was not one I care to repeat. Even though I am STILL waiting for my flight, everything is okay.  I am well, I have battery power, and I have other trips to look forward to.

As per the quote… ‘Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting’.   I am trying. 

Happy times!


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