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It's the first full moon of 2021

Wolf Moon in Leo

~ from 28 January

January is on its way out, and it brings us to our first full moon of 2021, the “Wolf Moon”.

Here’s what you need to know about the Wolf Moon.

"wolf moon" ?

Each month’s full moon has its own name related to the season or nature.  This moon’s name comes from Native American tribes who heard the howling wolves during the cold nights in January.

This was of course in the northern hemisphere’s winter season.  Here in South Africa it is summer in January, so to us it’s just a full moon – the first of the year, and happens to fall in the constellation of Leo.

So we have the wolf and the lion characteristics combined, making it a bit of a wild card, an indication of the energy that lies ahead!  Are you ready? 

Wolf sketch dfdbda

The Wolf Moon in Leo

Why do wolves howl? 
To communicate, to connect…

They are inter-dependent rather than co-dependent and
represent the wild and the natural,
inner emotions and hidden feelings,
while in Leo the wolf moon brings rise to a need for self-expression.

The typical Leo is fiery.  Add a full moon, then some drama is to be expected.   Make sure to direct your energies positively.

How to make the most of this full moon:

Hang out with your closest friends or family, even if just virtually…  
Self-reflect and have a status-check with where you are.
Bring out your inner wild.
Express yourself.
Find the courage to be yourself unapologetically.

Drop some wishes into the ether.
Take a moon bath.
Let go of anything negative that your holding on to.
Do something courageous. 
Connect with your inner lion(ness).
Celebrate your achievements however big or small they are. 
Share the things you are proud of.
Listen to any creative urges and follow them.
Meditate on how to express your emotions.
Look on the bright side.
Acknowledge what you are grateful for.
Keep your heart and mind open. 
Wear your heart on your sleeve.

This full moon be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Howl what is in your heart.  The moon is listening.

And so it is.

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