The Blyde Adventure

The blyde river canyon

The Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve is in the Mpumalanga region of South Africa.  Did you know, the Blyde River translates to ‘the river of joy’, while the Treur River translates to ‘the river of sorrow’. 

The bourke's luck pot holes

The natural potholes are sort of where the Treur River joins the Blyde River,  about 35km North of Graskop.  Apparently, a Tom Bourke hoped to find gold at this location many many years ago, not that he did…. but therein lies the story to how this gem was named.

The waterfalls

In the Sabie area are more waterfalls than just about anywhere else in South Africa.  Some of my favourites are pictured above.   The Lisbon Falls is the highest in Mpumalanga crashing 94m into the gorge. 


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