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...and communication.

When it comes to Tarot, be ready to talk!  Tarot and communication goes hand-in-hand.

I often see people start to open up in ways they normally wouldn’t if you were just having a conversation.  People find connection with the symbols on the cards and allow themselves to express their inner workings.  In this sense the Tarot as a tool, creates a space for recognising possible outcomes.  

Then you have those who have zipped their lips with the hope that you will foretell their future, thinking that any kind of input form them would ‘give you hints’ and they try hard to block this.   Which I find quite funny… I mean if you want answers, you are going to want to help in any way that you can to get to the answers, right.  

The answers are within all of us.   The Tarot helps to tap into it.

What is
Tarot ?

Tarot cards give us a glimpse into our own innate wisdom, sort of like looking into a mirror, allowing us to access the answers that are already within ourselves.

It is a pictoral language that helps concentrate information so we can understand the possible outcomes.

Ultimately you’re still your own decision maker and therefore nothing is set in stone.   A decision you make in an hour’s time, could change everything from thereon.

The practice is a discussion between the reader and the seeker, sort of like an in-depth conversation surrounding the drawn cards. 

Let them
fall where
they may


So, there are nice cards, and cards that makes some people’s eyes widen.  Cards that excite you and some may haunt you for some time, or at least until you’ve worked through a certain area in your life.  

There’s no need to be scared and freeze up.  Also don’t now wish that you didn’t pull THAT card.  I get it, some of them look scary.  Fighting swords or a skeleton riding a horse with death all around him.  It’s easy to jump to conclusions that this means one thing. But it usually means something very different.  And often when you wish to not have a particular card show up, it is the one coming up time and time again, raising intense feelings.  But those are especially the cards with a message or guidance of something that needs learning or overcoming, or just the energy surrounding you at a period of time.

The important thing is to not panic, and instead welcome the message.  It is there to help you gain clarity or a new perspective. 
And talk!  Let your thoughts flow into the ether so that the message is identified.

When the Sun card follows in time, know that it too will pass.    

Life is mix of ups and downs.  It’s the yin and the yang.  The cards give insightful ways for you  to navigate these ebbs and flows, to generate a positive result.

Now that you have an introduction into Tarot and the communication around it, you can go into a reading with peace of mind, tapping into the truths that it provides.  Ultimately life is based on the decisions you make, and each decision redirects the course that you find yourself on.  

Happy times ヅ

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