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So Seychelles

Seychelles. Just here sipping on my coconut Seychelles
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I was an island girl for a short period in my life...

I lived in Beau Vallon which is on the northern coast of Mahe, the main island of Seychelles.    What I loved most about the main island was the many contrasts that one could experience.   From Victoria (the world’s smallest capital city) with its bustling market, to the lush green jungle clad mountains, to the see-through waters and granite boulders, this all on a 28km stretch.

Fruit on La Digue
Breakfast at apartment
Cutting a coconut
Restaurant on La Digue

Food & Drink

Creole food is kind of like a fusion of Indian and Asian, a bit of an orient flavour … very spicy.  But the aromas are the best part.  Cinnamon and vanilla, nutmeg and cloves, garlic and ginger, and then of course lots of chilli!  

There is always fresh fish and fruits and a local delicacy of bat curry.   Yes, bat curry.   There are giant fruit bats flying around the island, and somehow this became a ‘must try at least once’ dish.   Well, I had it cooked for me specially once and also had it at a buffet restaurant.   I couldn’t tell you what it really tasted like, simply because of the many spices.   But I do remember that it was quite bony and that it’s something to be eaten carefully because of the many tiny bones.

As a South African, we would have the occasional braais, and often there was a shortage of cheese, tomatoes, and basic salad ingredients.   It would be ‘on the ship, on its way’.   Sparkling water and tomato juice was commonly unavailable for weeks at at time.   

But no stress, there was always Seybrew beer and Takamaka rum.

Takamaka Rum Cask
Fish on Mahe
Spirit of the Seychelles
Restaurant 2 on Mahe

I enjoyed the Beau Vallon beach for all the different visitors from all over the world.   It was definitely the touristy beach and one with many activities.
It was almost literally on my doorstep so I would be at the beach morning and night… sometimes from sundown to sunrise.    My favourite thing to do was take the lilo out and float around the beach.   It’s not deep at all, so you could swim out for kilometers and still be able to stand in many places.    

The most memorable moment was when I swam past two pink seahorses.   Yes, that actually happened.   

Beach Parasailing

If you are going to visit an island, then it wouldn’t be a proper island experience if you didn’t hop over to La Digue.    You could fly or take the ferry, or both.   You can fly to Praslin and take the ferry from there (which could be quite choppy on the water at the speed it goes).

Seychelles 8
Seychelles Clear Waters

Unlike the main island, there aren’t vehicles to get around.   You get by on foot or bicycle. 

Seychelles Rocks

You have to go through the Vanilla Plantation to get to my favourite spot at Anse Source d’Argent, which is shown in my main photo for this post.   

It is not the best beach for swimming though due to the very shallow water and at high tide the beach virtually disappears.    But it is oh so beautiful.

Make sure to come for longer than just a day trip.  When the day trippers have left you can enjoy the uninhabited piece of paradise all to yourself.

Seychelles Tortoisses
Seychelles Pirate ship
Seychelles H

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Happy times!

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