September 2019 Round-Up

September 2019 Review

It's a wrap.

September was rough.  It was demanding and all-consuming.  It was also magical and inspirational.

In South Africa women fought back, protesting over violence against women and to end femicide.  #aminext

Then there was young Greta Thunberg who captured attention as a climate environmental activist building momentum all over the world demanding action.  #climatestrike

…And on a lighter note, it was the start of the Rugby World Cup!


I spoiled myself with some spa treatments, microblading and a new haircut.

The facials were great.  The microblading I’m still sitting on the fence of how I feel about it.

The hair … new bangs and layers, and I’m not used to it, but kinda love it.

I saw some old friends and bubbled right over.  ヅ 


September wasn’t my best blogging month.  I posted one post.  One!   This is my second.  So, needless to say it was slow in the blogging department.

It was however because work was overwhelmingly busy.   In a good way.   I love being busy in the way that days fly.  But it was really stressful in other ways.  

I used to say I wouldn’t know if I was stressed, because I had no idea what stress felt like.   Well, I now know.  It is sleepless nights and biting nails and an uncomfortable pit in your stomach.   



September had some serious watching potential…  

 One movie and two series had me raving about them.

The Red Sea Diving Resort is set in the 80’s and highlights the plight of refugees and those helping to smuggle them to safety.  The fact that the scenes I saw was based on true events just blew my mind.


A couple of series that got my attention was Unbelievable (another true story) which is a detective mini-series that in the end shows the consequence of not believing when a woman, in this case a young girl, reports a rape.

Then there was The Politician.  I’m just gonna be honest and say I watched this, the full 8 episodes in a binge-watch.   By the last episode I got excited for the next, only to realise THAT WAS IT.   I would have to wait for S2.   It is ridiculous and entertaining and clever.  I also loved the continuous surprise of old-time favorite actors making appearances.  I did not love the glee-type moments of Payton (Ben Platt) breaking into song.   Though it was radio worthy singing.   Not sure if it was really him singing.  Don’t want to know.  It didn’t put me off the series though, cause it was bloody brilliant.


I didn’t read any books.  I did read plenty of posts online.   

While I have books on my bedside table waiting to be read, I just didn’t get to them.  (As you can see I was more into the series).


 The 1939 novel Gadsby is the longest book ever published that doesn’t contain the letter ‘e’.

Read online.

You wont find the letter ‘e’ in either of these two novels.  I mean who does that.  Why?!

10 Reasons Why Cats Are Good For You   I’m a cat lover and this post is everything.

Avocado Ice cream I’m down for this – want it now.

18 Women Disprove Clichés About the Most Mythologized DecadesDid you get your shit together in your thirties?

Ate | Drank.

Collagen Lift Paris Red is a drinkable powerful combination of Collagen, mediterranean seaweed, Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C.   

I’m only on my first week, but I read some reviews of people who have used it for 2 months and are very satisfied, showing clearer and firmer skin.  

I initially looked for a collagen product to assist with bone strengthening cause I was training quite hard.  Being 43 I was concerned that my bones might not be as strong as they used to be…  

Now I’m curious to see what effect this supplement will have.

My new haircut.

Gonna take me some time getting used to a fringe…

It was cut a bit too short, I wanted it covering my brows, but my hair grows fast so I’m not too bothered.

I pinned tons of pics trying to show the stylist what I was aiming for…  Not quite it, but hey, hair grows.  

I foresee many future haircuts.

Check out the pins.


I’ve been into a couple of acoustic versions of songs this last week.
Electricity – by Silk City (Dua Lipa)
Sunflower – by Sara Farell
Delicate – by Taylor Swift

Did your September rock?

I’m looking forward to Blogtober/Roctober…

Have a couple of posts planned for the month and a rather long to-do list that I can’t wait to get into.

I’m also joining a new training group for six weeks which I’m quite excited about.

Can only be good!

Happy times!


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