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Sante Wellness Retreat

The place of dreams.

Wow Santé, this really is the place of dreams.

I’m all for looking after one’s self, mind and body.  Often when travelling I seek out accommodation that offers more than the ordinary.   Well my visit to Paarl in the Western Cape Winelands, exposed to me a beautiful gem!

“Santé” means cheers or good health in many languages.  

Santé Wellness Retreat & Spa is a luxury resort with a focus on well-being offering 3 different healing facilities. 

The Health Optimising Royal Retreat,
The Day Spa,
The Bio-Energy Centre.

Their food offering is healthy with a selection of dishes made from fresh ingredients sourced from their very own garden. 

It is the perfect place to rejuvenate and de-stress. 


My why...

After lots of reading on meditations and the body’s energy centres, I have been looking for spas or retreats that offer unique experiences.

In particular I was interested in learning how to breath properly and how to balance my meridians. 

When I was 20 I had a lung operation after both my lungs collapsed.  It was a scenario where the doctor advised to operate immediately or not see the next day…    I healed 100% but since the operation my breathing has always been shallow.  I seem to breath in from the top of my chest instead of from the diaphragm.  As simple as breathing sounds, I just couldn’t get it right!  

Also my stress levels lately have been off the charts.  

A retreat felt like something I desperately needed.   So when searching for accommodation for my trip I became quite excited after seeing that Santé offers Bio Energy therapies.  They also have some of the therapies bunched together as ‘experiences’.  I immediately booked my accommodation with them, and then started deciding on the treatments.

The Santé property.

The grounds are really beautiful, but I absolutely loved the statue at the end of the water feature.

Sun Salutations

It reminded me of a piece I read about how doing the sun salutation yoga at sunrise is beneficial… and so obviously that is exactly what I did.

Read more about Sun Salutations here.

Reasons to do Sun Salutations daily

If starting out, you can do 4 rounds and gradually build up to 12.

  • It energises the body by increasing the energy and blood circulation.
  • It increases the prana energy which is the vital air energy which can help remove blockages.
  • The lungs, digestive system, muscles and joints benefit from doing the salutations.  It helps to remove tension and strengthens and tones.
Sun Salutation Statue
Sante Wellness Retreat Sun Salutation Statue 1
Sante Statue 2

The King Bed Retreat Suite

Sante Bedroom 2

All in all there are villa suites, retreat suites, and a deluxe suite.  All of them are individually decorated.

I was booked into the retreat suite which is 70sqm  and has its own balcony (great for sunrise).



All the usual amenities are available, these however are all made from natural ingredients.

I have to admit I spent very little time in the room, but it was super comfortable.


Sante Bedroom 4

The Day Spa

Santé’s signature treatment is the Vinotherapy. 

“Organic Red Grape skin, pulp, seeds and extracts are used for their effective free radical fighting and hydrating properties and are combined with a unique blend of essential oils that enhance and compliment the treatment.”

For real, we get to bath in red wine!

The indoor pool, jacuzzi and sauna is also a major draw card. 

The Bio Energy Centre.

THIS is what I was looking forward to most of all…

Besides for the Day Spa and the Royal Health Optimising Centre, Santé offers Bio Energy therapies…

It focuses on healing and balancing the body’s energies.

I started with a Health Assessment which comprises of a non-invasive system that measures the body’s biorhythms and regulatory systems.  The report gives feedback on the psycho emotional system, meridians, the circadian rhythm, chakras, nervous systems and the hormonal and cardiovascular system.

After reviewing the results I went on to the O2 Chair – which was AMAZING!  This chair is something else.  It feels like you are suspended in zero gravity.  It helps to stimulate oxygen absorption and increasing the energy flow with a guided breathing meditation.   It reduces blood pressure, improves circulation, reduces lactic acid, strengthens the immune system and totally relaxes you.

Then I had a combination of the Theragem Crystal Light Therapy and the Cyma Therapy.

“Crystal Light Therapy uses crystals, combined with light, colour and natural healing frequencies, that positively influence the vibrational energy of living cells in bone, tissue, organs and glands.”

The Cymatherapy specialised vibrational sound frequencies are designed to interact with the brain and the body’s energy fields.”

The afternoon ended with the Eternale Biofeedback Therapy.

“It creates a calm inner journey that restores the body’s bio-electric balance.  A journey of profound relaxation and muscle re-education that restores balance, vitality and skin tone, improves posture, reduces facial stress lines and creates an overall sense of well-being that manifests itself in the physical appearance.”


Dinner was delish!

Vegan Seed Bread with Bean spread.
Tomato and Basil Soup.
Pan Fried Red Roman with King Oyster and Portabella Mushrooms, Carrot Puree and Roasted Aubergine.
Fermented Berry Ice-cream, Berry Mousse and Pistachio Tulle.
And of course wine (they only have organic wines), 
and an espresso.

Morning Sunrises

The best part of the morning was the sun coming up in full view and I could do the sun salutation on my balcony.  Bliss.

I have been going through my before and after assessments and the effect after one day was so positive.   
The starting results was quite alarming to be honest.   It was so worth it when I saw the final results.   I would definitely return when I am again in the area.


Good times!

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