He said give a thumbs up ... I gave a peace sign ... natural reaction lol

Paragliding in the Winelands

This is living!

You have to love the  C o r o n a  branded sail.  I had a good laugh when I looked up and saw it.

So…. there I was Paragliding in the Winelands with the Winelands Paragliding team.

I could not have asked for a better backdrop as the mountain views were just too beautiful.   Being up in the air was more peaceful than I imagined it would be and there was a true sense of fun, adventure but with care and respect for the people they take with them.

I’d recommend anyone with an adventurist spirit to go for a glide.  

You will be signing an imdemnity...
for obvious reasons.

Though Mias is an instructor with more than 5000 flights and no incidents.

You only live once…. ヅ  lol.

"Welcome to my office, Heidi!"
~ Mias De Klerk

Up we go
Paragliding toward the sun
In the air
Paragliding Du Toits Kloof
Paragliding Du Toits Kloof
In the air

The Rollercoaster

Paragliding All the colours
Paragliding in the Winelands arms out
Paragliding This is living

We made it...

We made it

It was a long approach for landing, which I secretly loved, because it felt like the wind was saying it wants me up here just a bit longer.   Then we landed – on my ass  – or shall I say on the very comfortable harness.  



Spontanious is definitely a word that comes to mind when I think of Winelands Paragliding.  As long as the wind is playing along, they pretty much take bookings or call-ins with very little advance notice needed.   For someone like me who makes decisions often on the spot, this was a major plus for me.

I also really enjoyed the history of the area that was shared while in flight.  

Then I learnt that they are working toward an initiative to keep the area well-managed and sort of reserved for these gliding sports.  In a sense the pine trees are growing with little or no management, so by setting up this project they hope to help the environment in their small way.  I was concentrating on being in the air, so I may have missed the finer details about this story, but I liked that there is thought behind what they do and where they do it.

Your world is as big as you make it.

Happy gliding!

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