October Monthly Round-up

October 2019 Monthly Round-up

It's a wrap.

October has come and gone.   I noticed that the sun is coming up a little earlier, around 5h15 in the mornings, which I love.   So by the time the sun is peeking out, I’m coffee in hand, listening to Spotify, checking out the ‘news’ (Facebook, Twitter, Insta, etc), haha.   It is news right?! 

It’s probably my favorite time of the day.  It is quiet, birds are chirping.  Everything just seems so peaceful.   Well, the peace only lasts until about 6am when I hear the rest of the neighborhood wake up and start to make their noise.

This month has been a busy one in terms of local travel and work to do, but it’s okay cause I like to be busy.   I just had trouble getting confused about which day I was on in the last week.  Literally Tuesday I thought it was Wednesday,  Wednesday I thought it was Thursday.   Maybe I was just trying to get to Hallows day.  BUT I mustn’t wish my days away, because there are literally only 55 days to Christmas, 62 days to 2020!

Time flies!  


I spent a few days in Cape Town visiting friends, catching up and letting my hair down…    

While in Cape Town I stayed at an Airbnb for the first time ever.   The apartment overlooked the Sea Point promenade and had such an awesome feel.  I absolutely loved it and didn’t want to leave.

I got myself a Xiaomi Mi Box.  What a pleasure.  However while I stayed in the Airbnb in CT I experienced the Roku device, which I thought was so much better.  I’m happy with my Xiaomi for now though.

October saw the Springboks make it into the Rugby World Cup finals!   Next we face England in the finals this coming weekend.  #RWC2019   Who are you supporting?  



Delays delays delays.  Flights being cancelled, some delayed.  My Kimberley flight was delayed 6 hours!  Flying to Cape Town the weather delayed us almost 2 hours.  Then on the return flight almost all of the local flights were grounded.  It was a bad month for flying!

I lost my phone.   I left it in a taxi that I couldn’t trace.  Lesson here is to always use an Uber/Bolt instead of any old taxi, even if its right there.  OR if I do, to at least take a picture of the registration.  (But that doesn’t help if the picture is on the phone you lost)…   The worst of it was that I couldn’t take photos of my time in Cape Town. 

I had intended to start training again, this time with a ladies group, but it fell through with all my travel, and one very long delayed flight.  It’s no excuse for not training though.  I need to get my ass in gear.


For someone who was so busy I sure had a lot of time to watch tv!  ヅ   With my new Xiaomi box – I made time!

Two movies that I enjoyed though I wouldn’t necessarily recommend, was Fractured and The Gift.  

It’s been about two weeks since I watched Fractured and honestly couldn’t remember the plot, or anything about it, except that Sam Worthington played the main character.   I figure if it was recommendable I’d remember it better.  But in case you want to check it out anyway, Wiki will tell you more than you need to know here.   

The Gift I kind of stumbled upon and actually thought it was a new release, but it wasn’t.   It was 2 decades old!   Don’t ask me how I was fooled even when seeing well known actors look so young.  With special effects, cinematics and make-up anything is achieved these days, so yeah, a super young Katie Holmes had me thinking ‘wow, they did a good job’.   Can’t get more fooled than that, I’m guilty!   It was also weird seeing Keanu play a baddie.   AND my favorite actress played the lead, Kate Blanchett!   The movie was quite captivating and at no time did I think ‘this is old’.   Why won’t I recommend it?  Well, I think I was a bit wined when I watched it.  I must’ve been.  I don’t know.  Decide for yourself.

Now lets get to the good stuff!

A new series started on the Facebook Watch network called Limetown.   It stars Jessica Biel who as a radio journalist investigates the disappearance of 300 people at a research facility in Tennessee.  It appeals to the natural curiosity providing the kind of mystery that scratches at you, making you wait on the next episode with dire need.   I need to know what happens next!  I’ve only watched Episode 1 so far and after finishing this post am diving into Episode 2.



Another month skipped of reading an actual book.

I have my eye on ‘Because Internet:  Understanding the New Rules of Language‘ ~ by Gretchen McCulloch.  

It’s sort of a guide book for anyone who wants to understand how the internet is changing the English language.  Time reviewed it as ‘A well researched retort to grumpy grammarians who think technology is turning kids into lazy, inarticulate drivelers‘.

I know, I have weird taste in books.

Read online.

The Women Who Travel Power List    30 Women paving the way for female travel.  This is such an inspiring read.

Ate | Drank.

Coco Safar is a luxury coffee, espresso and pâtisserie cafe in Cape Town.  The word “Coco” is synonymous with luxury and “Safar” means journey in many languages.  It’s also a capsule emporium and I got a box of ‘Jakarta’ coffee capsules.   It’s marked a 7/10 intensity, medium roast.   Bloody amazing!  If you’re a coffee lover, you’d understand my need to order more and have it delivered to me in Jhb.  I just don’t seem to find an order page on their site…  I guess I need to go back to Cape Town soon.  


Coco Safar Jakarta Coffee Capsules

My first Airbnb experience.

This was the view from the left side patio.

Honestly, the thought of moving to Cape Town was unavoidable and was brought up to probably everyone I spoke to during and after my stay.

The whole Airbnb system for this apartment worked on an email based prompt system.  At no time did I meet the owners or anyone actually.  I had to collect the keys from a different location.   The last email I received was from the Airbnb site wherein I was given a link to guide potential new Airbnb users to use the service.  I’ve not yet done so.  For various reasons.  And such, fyi, this is not an advertisement, nor am I receiving any commission or payment of any kind.   It’s just me talking about a first for me.  

Babylonstoren Gardens

An impromptu visit to the gorgeous gardens at Babylonstoren.

Babylonstoren Gardens
Babylonstoren 2


I created a Halloween playlist.

However, my acoustic craze continues…  I’m loving these right now.

Golden Thing – Cody Simpson
Jump – by Julia Michaels
How do you sleep – by Sam Smith


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