November Monthly Round-up

View from plane arriving in PE
Photo taken from my flight as arriving in Port Elizabeth

November 2019 Monthly Round-up

It's a wrap

No-vember has been exactly that.  I said no to a lot of things for the sake of having a me-month.   Usually I would do this just after the new year, take a breather and travel.  But I felt the need to just let go, let my hair down.

Someone said to me; ‘it’s good to know when you need to take a break’.     

I guess it’s true.   I feel refreshed already.  I feel like I’ve got my humor back.  I did lose it somewhere, sometime this year.    In place of it I filled my responses with dynamite short-tempered one-liners.    I’m going to go as far as to say it’s a Taurus thing.   We are a blunt bunch.   And there’s not a more blunt response than NO.

The great part is I said YES to a whole lot of spur of the moment decisions.   The ones that give us excitement and makes the eyes light up and makes us want to dance in the rain and throw caution to the wind.    No-vember was a yes-month for me.   I looked after me and spread the love to those I care about.  

I’m looking forward to Christmas and the New Year now.

But before we go there, let’s take a look back…


I went home.   I visited Candice so that we can plan our vacay next year.  We still didn’t make any final decisions, but laughed a lot.   We also may have had to go pick up our names where we left them.   We blame Harry.

I still love Cape Town.   I attended a golf day and saw a different part of the province.  It just made me love it more.

I was nominated for an award.  (In my day job).  Not sure that  I will actually receive the award, but hey, it means something to me that I was nominated.   

All my flights were on time.  No delays!  ヅ


My swimsuit does not fit so well anymore.  More like not at all.  I can’t breath!   How did I pick up 5kg and not notice it.   I mean I can understand that it happened when I think back to all the gorgeous cakes and flambes and cheeses and wine.   But I didn’t notice.   It is already summer, so there is no time to get in shape fast enough.  I have to work with this.   Eish.



I started watching See.   

Jason Momoa in See - the series
Jason Momoa is the lead in this drama series, where in the future humankind has lost the ability to see.

The first episode was a bit weird.  Only because there is a scene with Jason with his tribe performing what looks like a recreation of the Haka.   

The Haka is not something I’d copy into a movie, as it is a New Zealand thing, a rugby thing.

I suppose it is a war dance, so it is appropriate for the instance in the episode.   And it is Jason Momoa, he can do anything and pull it off.  

After the pilot, it got more and more interesting and I’m now eagerly waiting on episode 8.   

Watch the trailer...


Joaquin Phoenix in The Joker is a must see.

Joaquin is one of my favorite actors and in this movie he portrays a painful journey of a man trying to live in a world as a comedian, but made out to be a clown.

The movie is more real world than Marvel style hero/villian.   It is a compelling story of a broken man and how circumstances push him deeper into his own destruction.

Of all the Jokers in the Batman movies, I definitely find Joaquin on par with Heath Ledger’s performance.  The two characters are worlds apart and can’t be compared, both standing their own ground.  I just think the two of them moved me more than for instance the earlier Batman movies’ Jokers did.


Watch the trailer...


It has been a slow month for reading, but next I will be reading Homo Deus  ‘A History of Tomorrow’ by the same author of Sapiens ~ Yuval Noah Harari.

I am so excited cause I really enjoyed Sapiens which I read in August.

HomoDeus next book I'm reading

Read online.

Online reading

The Sayings of Confusius  by Confusius.

The Art Of War  by B.C. Sunzi.

Ate | Drank.

Beer Yard is one of my favorite well, beer yards in PE.  It is a funky little restaurant with a pool and always a good vibe.   

We stopped there for a quick lunch involving sliders.  1) Brie and pear,  2) Mexican 3) Bacon & Cheese and  side of zucchini crisps.

Later we moved on to The Bridge Street Brewery for some pink drinks and bloody marys…

Two beer venues in one day, I can only say it was a good day.  

A clear sign where that 5kg creeped in from.

Some street art.

Just off Stanley Street in Port Elizabeth.


Gamtoos River Fun

Just some fun in the sun.

Gamtoos on the boat
Gamtoos Boat peeps
Gamtoos river fishing 1
Gamtoos river chilling in the water

Paarl & Worcester

A drive through the Paarl  / Worcester area in the Western Cape.

Uitvlugt Guesthouse


The man of the moment Harry Styles.

Another one of my all time fave male artists is John Mayer. 

Then Juke Ross is a newbie for me, never heard of him before, but came across this song Morning Breeze and quite like it.  

Countdown to 2020!

Happy times!

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