New body under construction

It was a December morning and I was staring at my cupboard trying to decide what to wear to the office on a sweltering hot day.  I picked out a cool understated summer black office dress, the same one that one year earlier would hang on me to the point that I’d belt it to give a better fit.   Not this time…  It hugged my hips and the shape was completely different.  I tried to think if I maybe washed it with hot water and it shrunk, but I knew I had not worn it since I moved to Joburg.    It was suddenly horribly obvious.  In a matter of a year, I’ve picked up this sneaky weight.   

On the spot I decided that it was time to get active.

The plan

A personal trainer

On December 8th I started with a 3x week training plan, which would be conditioning training to get myself started, and then proper weight training.  

I have never before had a personal trainer.  I have had trainers in group settings, and training partners, but never dedicated, individual guidance.  This was my Christmas gift to myself.  

I wanted to understand which exercises work which muscles, and how when and why to use intervals in between sets.   As a reminder I will say, I used to be quite fit and already understood quite a bit.   But I wanted to fill my knowledge gap.   For instance, did you know at minimum, you should train each major muscle group with one set of 8-12 repetitions, 2 x per week.   Also, by the age of 80, sedentary people will lose about half of their muscle mass.   Did I mention I’m half way to 80.    


Happy wholesome eating

No dieting!   Not that I really did diet, noticeably…   

I have always believed in eating healthy foods and fueling the body.
But imagine your car’s fuel-tank capacity is 48 litre, and you keep on filling up past 48 litres.   
That fuel’s got to go somewhere.   No wonder my dress shrunk.

While not over-eating is a good plan, not eating enough is counterproductive.   With all my weight training, I didn’t want to lose muscle mass.    Still I would need a calorie deficit if I was to be lean.     

Then there was wine.   Sparkling wine.   Krone Brut to be exact.   Sigh, my downfall.  
In its defense, Champagne and sparkling wine have the least calories of just about all alcoholic beverages.  Which is why from time to time I will indulge in my guilty pleasures, guiltless. 

Life is to be enjoyed, to be lived, to be ventured.   I want to look after this one body I have, to long enough enjoy the spoils.  
(Also so that  I can frolic on perfect white sandy beaches, stroll along heavenly sights and immerse myself in glorious food around the globe for as long as possible).  

Happy times!


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