My Top Three Movies of All Time

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Many of my favorite movies are favorites because of the visual storytelling.   That’s probably why the genre I enjoy most is fantasy slash adventure.   A film’s got to make me think about things, or allow me to get lost in the moment.   

The three below have kind of stayed in my top three for some time.   There are others so close, I’ve considered making it a list of five or more.

But for now, these are my all time best-loved pop-corn kind of movies:

Pan's Labyrinth

Pan's Labyrinth by Guillermo Del Toro

“Her father, the King, always knew that the Princess’ soul would return, perhaps in another body, in another place, at another time. And he would wait for her, until he drew his last breath, until the world stopped turning…” — Pan

Guillermo Del Toro is one of my favourite directors.  I love his movies I guess cause they’re all a bit dark, like my soul  ヅ

In Pan’s Labyrinth he uses’s Pan’s nightmarish fantasy world to explore the monsters of real life.  It is an adult version of a fairy tale, but with a haunting undertone.

It is a Spanish movie and the fact that I had to read subtitles while watching did not make it any less spell-bounding.   I was captivated then, and still am.



“At least you’ll never be a vegetable – even artichokes have hearts.” — Amélie Poulain

Played by the impossibly cute Audrey Tautou, and directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, this romantic comedy quickly became a French classic.

It tells the story of Amelie who is beyond shy and lives quietly in the world, but loudly in her mind.  She discovers a purpose: to change the lives of those around her for the better.   Soon after she leaps from her sheltered childhood into adult life, searching for love and meaning.

I’m not a the biggest romcom fan (I mean I do like it, but other genre’s are higher up for me), but the cinematography just blew my mind.  It’s just a piece of utter amazement.

Life of Pi

Life of Pi

“Thank you for my life.  I am ready now.” — Pi Patel

Ang Lea takes us on an adventure so bold in this story of Pi who explores issues of spirituality in his 227-day long survival on a lifeboat. 

The days that Pi spends lost at sea is up for debate.  It shows you that life is a story and you can choose your story.  It also leaves you wondering if it is an elaborate story that Pi concocted, rather than facing the disturbing events on the lifeboat.   Is it truth or imagination?  It certainly opens up introspection and the movie leaves the questions unanswered.     

Happy watching  ヅ


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