My September Spa Wishlist

My September Spa Wishlist

Hello Spring!

It’s nearly Spring (in South Africa) and in the build up to shake off the Winter blues, I’ve chosen 3 treatments as my Spring-time spoils.


The Hydrafacial focuses on cleansing and exfoliation using a hydradermabrasion device with like a vacuum tip that sucks away dead skin cells while infusing the skin with hydrating antioxidant protecting serums.

The treatment takes about 45 minutes and there is no down time.

I found a place around the corner from home, so I will make an appointment in this week.

I can’t wait.

I used to have quite thick brows.  Over the years they’ve thinned out and become much lighter in colour than I remember them to be.  While I don’t mind them the way they are now, I imagine it’d be nice to have them looking more full again.  

So I’ve booked my appointment at The Brow Studio.  They’re quite booked up, but I found a gap in the first week of September.

Excited and nervous!

Mani and Pedi combo

I’m talking gel.

It lasts, and looks great.

I’m planning a late September visit, so that I can have hot orange done for the upcoming October month…

…then right before Halloween I’ll decorate them.


Do you have any spoils planned for September?

Spring is in the air

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