Mindful Monday thoughts

Mindful Monday Thoughts

I have been thinking… or having mindful Monday thoughts.  What it is my readers come back here to read, or what it is that you want to find here to read.  Am I adding value for the few minutes you take in reading a post, or is there something I can do to improve (from your perspectives)?

In January 2020 this blog will become 1 year old, and I am busy thinking about the direction it is taking.  What I can do to make it a blog of value for others.   Obviously travel is at the forefront of what I share (or want to write about), but I also want to focus on what is important and how I can make a difference.   Then there is The Bubble, where I just share mindless or random thoughts, not all completely mindless.

THIS however is the first of mindful thoughts, that I intend to post.  I would appreciate your input, if you are a subscriber or even not.


Quote of the week.

When you do something noble and beautiful and nobody noticed, don’t be sad. For the sun every morning is a beautiful spectacle and yet most of the audience still sleeps.


It is ok to say no to things that aren’t essential.

I’ve had just about a whole month of saying no to all the unnecessary things that just drains energy and am all the better for it.

It is easy to take on more and more and to do things, not because you really care to, but because you are doing it because someone else expects you to.  It takes away from doing what matters to you, and I decided, fuck it, I am saying NO.


I watched this TedEx talk by Alison Ledgerwood.   She centers around the human mind focusing on their failures for so much longer than their successes do.   

It resonated with me because daily I would exactly like in her talk, have a great moment and move on, but when something bad happens big or small, it affects my mood for much longer.

“Our minds need practice to talk about and focus on the good stuff”.   


Happy times!

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