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Mindfulness at the beach

Mindful Monday 2 Dec

Mind full or mindful?

Happy Monday!   Is it?   I guess since it is a beautiful early evening and I am sitting here writing this post with a glass of bubbly on my right, it is a all the reason I need to say ‘Happy Monday’.

Mindfulness after all is ‘now’ focused, while mind full is mostly future focused.   Mind full is where stress lives, when the many thoughts overwhelm you and there is just too much for the mind to enjoy the moment.  

I think over the years I’ve become used to experiencing a bit of both.   I very well know when I’m feeling FULL of it.  Sometimes I need to just let it all be there, and run with it.  Or swim with the current as they say.   

My peace of mind comes in knowing that I create a space or moment each day when I can let it all go.   Time to put aside all the rumble that overloads me, and just focus on one thing.    For the past year, that has been blogging.  It used to be painting, or playing piano.  I even took up meditating.

What has become more of interest for me as time passed, was how to be present in EVERY moment.   Whatever it was that I was doing, even when stressful, …to be aware.   

The idea of being ineffective is like reaching your capacity.  It is where all good things end.   And I don’t want to live there.

So I wish you all a very mindful Monday.   May it be the start to a kick-ass week!


Quote of the week.

3 Ways to be mindful every day.

1.  Practice while you wait

Being stuck in traffic or standing in a queue are both good examples for times to practice mindfulness.   Instead of allowing frustration to creep in, focus on your breathing.  Allow everything else to just be.  

2.  Practice during routine activities

Brushing my teeth is a very routine activity and often done mindlessly.  However I tried a new toothpaste the other day and so I paid more attention when brushing.  Taking in the flavour and the graininess and  generally enjoying the moment more and also probably being more thorough…  It became less routine.

3.  Trick yourself into being mindful or use a prompt

I’ve learnt early on how to trick myself to be in the moment.  It was actually a friend who taught me the trick.  It had to do with when I was feeling overwhelmed, I had to stop myself and say that I could continue to feel overwhelmed in 5 minutes.   But for the 5 minutes I had to focus on one thing.   Usually after 5 minutes I would have forgotten to get back to feeling overwhelmed…


3 Ways to be mindful every day

Wherever you go, there you are!

Mindful Monday - Start the week right!

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