Xmas baubles from Hbubblesover

Christmas wishes

This is just a short message to wish everyone who celebrates, a very merry Christmas!

I landed myself in hospital this past weekend with a kidney infection.   I’ve never before had kidney problems, and never had kids, but apparently this is what being in labour feels like…  ヅ    

The doctor wanted to keep me in the hospital over Christmas, but I was so happy when (after lots of begging) he allowed me to come home just before Christmas day.   I’ve been given strict instructions to stay in bed and take my meds, which is what I am doing.  So Christmas has kinda been cancelled for me.   

However I’m so grateful to be home and forever thankful for the doctors and nurses who work over this time to care for those in need.   Their lives continue as just another day.   But they give the ultimate gift, … their time.



Hospital life.

I must say the stay in hospital was quite pleasant (except for the pain).

It was like being on a mini retreat, with lots of people gushing over me, making sure I am comfortable.

And it’s not every day I receive so many wonderful messages from my family and friends.



Heidi in hospital
hospital breakfast

Also, hospital food is not so bad…. not bad at all! 

What I'll be doing today.

Listening to my Christmas playlist…

I'm looking forward to 2020!

Happy holidays!

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