January, done and dusted

Dinner celebration

January 2020

Chapter 1 of 12, done!

We are back in the 20s and the first month has come to an end already.   It’s like I blinked and 31 days flew by.   

I celebrated.

This li’l blog turned ONE!

Getting that visa...

I thought I left it very late, 

but I managed to get my Schengen visa way ahead of time for my trip next month.

A day-trip to Upington.

Upington is a small town in the Northern Cape province of South Africa.   It kind of gives the feeling of a small oasis in the desert. 

It was quite endearing to see such a happy place stretched out in the Kalahari.

The approach.

While looking out the boeing’s window as we approached for landing, what I saw was a contrast of desert and river.  

The landscape is flat with an orange hue and a couple of ‘hills’ scattered everywhere, and then right next to the river you see a spot of green.   

That was Upington from the air.  I kept thinking there must be more, but that was the whole town.  

Suprisingly on land, it felt far bigger and not at all desolate as you see kilometers of bright green vineyards along the Orange River.  

Upington places of interest.

1.  The Camel and Rider Statue

The statue honors the ‘mounties’ who patrolled the desert region.

2.  Date Palm Avenue.

The entrance to Die Eiland, a holiday resort.

3.  The Kalahari Oranje Museum.

Showcases the history of Upington and the Orange River.

3.  The Orange River Wine Cellars.

Wine tasting and tours are offered at The Orange River Wine Cellars, the largest wine cooperative in South Africa and the second largest in the world.

4.  Sakkie se Arkie

Go for a cruise on the Orange River with Sakkie se Arkie.

Other days of January.


Homo Deus.

I read the second installment of Yuval Noah Harari’s series of books and wrote a review of it here


HomoDeus next book I'm reading


Sorbet Nails.

I’ve been splurging a bit on nail colour and am loving the Sorbet range.  

My favorites are:
Blush – Long Wear range,
Barely There – Pro Gel Effect, and
Copper Magic – Glam Effect.

Ate | Drank.

As mentioned earlier, I’ve been drinking the Woolworths Cold-Pressed Juice literally every day.  I just want more and more.  Luckily they’re shot size bottles, else I’d be worried about my sugar intake.   Not that it has any added sugar, but fruit juice itself is very sugary…

Woolworths Cold-Pressed Juices



Messiah Series Poster

Messiah is a Netflix psychological thriller/drama that centers around a mysterious yet ordinary looking profit (or protester – depending on which side you are on).

You will either be a fan or a critic.  

But the biggest question is, is this man Jesus, is it the second coming of Christ, or is he a fraud.   Will he convert you… or con you?

The CIA believe he is a fraud, but more and more people start to follow the Messiah based on certain miracles that happen in his presence.  As the show progresses he displays some indisputable powers, but it still feels off somewhat.

You see the two extremes, people who blindly follow and those who simply will not believe and choose to think that their eyes betray them.

The Messiah himself looks like an angry man, at times anyway.  A very beautiful angry man.   I guess just because he is a messiah or The Messiah, he is allowed to have feelings.   But I couldn’t find the purpose of the whole series.   It ends with him undeniably having abilities and clearly being immortal.   Does that make him HIM though?!

I was definitely curious throughout the show enjoying the similar feel of Homeland.  If there is a second season I will be watching it.  But I couldn’t tell you if I thought it was good.   It has a hit and miss feel about it.   I think you need to decide for your yourself.

The star of the show is Mehdi Dehbi, a Belgian actor and theater director who was also in A Most Wanted Man.  I look forward to seeing more of him.  

Watch the trailer...



A real-life story about the women who accuse the head of Fox News of sexual harassment in their workplace. 

I first have to say…….   man Charlize!!!  Girl!  You can act.

Charlize threw herself into this role of the reporter, I believed she was Megyn Kelly.  I didn’t see Charlize in the role at all.   

Honestly the whole cast was simply brilliant in this film.   

The story is about the rise of the women tackling abuse and the downfall of the Fox News Chief.  It’s chilling and a little unsettling.  But damn good.



Watch the trailer...

Documentary - Online


Shiny – Sara Bareilles

Everything I wanted – Billie Eilish

Location Unknown – Honne, Beka

The Quote - for me in January...

Happy times!

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