December. It's a wrap. Monthly Round-up

It's a wrap!

Chapter 12 of 12, done and dusted!

Not only is it the end of December, but also the end of 2019, AND the end of a decade!  That’s it.  It’s a wrap.  Chapter 12 of 12, done and dusted.  

As I look back on the month and year I am filled with such gratitude.  It was a year of many firsts for me and I became more willing to step out of my comfort zone.  

I am extremely excited for 2020 and what it may hold.  Let me rephrase that last bit ‘what it may hold’…. because I’m largely ‘making my life happen’ and not letting life just happen to me.   The aim is to continue doing that and step it up a big notch this coming year.

But first, let’s look at this past month.


The clean out.

I’m not a hoarder.  I’m not very sentimental either. I don’t often keep things unless I am using it.  

If it is past its due date, it is most definitely thrown out.  If it is just sitting pretty, I rather give it to someone who has value for it.  

Come the end of the year, I do like to take stock and clean out anyway.  Any earrings I no longer wear or if a butterfly is missing, it is remade into something new, or goes in the out box.  Clothes, shoes, make-up, nail colours – oh my god don’t let me start on the cutex!   

Then I move on to the kitchen cupboards,  medicine drawer, files,  data,  storage.   

With every item going in the box or bin, I feel lighter and lighter.

I don’t know why this makes me feel so good.   It’s strange to feel good getting rid of things, isn’t it?   Then again, I dated a guy once who felt good doing dishes.  That’s strange! 

Make-up clean-out
Clothes clean-out
Files clean-out
Fridge clean-out

Goodbye old year, hello new year

Photo of H on New Years Eve

The first rule of 2020:
never talk about 2019.

Haha.  That is obviously just me joking, because if you know me, … there are no rules.

But seriously, when the clock strikes midnight and you raise your glass in cheer, I hope you remember that joyous feeling for the rest of the year!

Whatever makes my soul feel good in twenty-twenty, that’s where I’ll be.  See you there!


Happy New Year!

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