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How to be Zen Af in 2020

When the aim is to be calm and happy

We all strive to be the best we can be.   I mean, who doesn’t want to be cool, calm and collected?   Sometimes all we want is for the mind to calm down.  Other times we NEED it to calm down, right?!  So this post is for everyone who wants to know how to be zen-af.

Taking even just five minutes out of your day for yourself can reap some amazing benefits.

It can be as easy as finding your pulse.   A simple meditation I learnt long ago in Port Elizabeth at the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Centre, is to sit quietly, cross-legged on the floor with closed eyes.  Focus on the space between your eyebrows.  Place the four fingers of your right hand on your left wrist.  Feel your pulse in each fingertip.  Focus on the beat of your pulse.

You can do this anywhere and anytime and it helps to calm the mind literally in even just five minutes…

Over time I’ve become more and more interested in the ways that we can improve our state.    Some of them are so simple that I wonder why I didn’t practice doing it more often.  

In 2020, I am doing so.

Here are three very simple ways to practice daily.  It will help to develop your intuition and calm that mind.

3 Ways to improve your state of mind, body and soul.

1.  Slow down

Apply slowing down with everything that you do.  From drinking your coffee to talking, to eating, moving, thinking, e v e r y thing!

2.  Observe

Take in what is happening around you by noticing the details.  Don’t analyse or do anything but to observe.  Let go of the associative thoughts of those things, instead just be aware of it.  See things as they are, for what they are.  

3.  Get your ‘om on.

Sometimes I enjoy yoga, other times I like to meditate.  Adding the chanting sound of om (which actually sounds like a, u and m  –  aum), is also beneficial.
A symbolizes the conscious or waking state.
U, the dream state.
M, the dreamless state of the mind and spirit.
The vibration of the sound connects us with our breath and energy and helps to center us.

3 Ways to improve your state of mind body and soul

Daily practice will lower cortisol levels and relax the nervous system.    

I have an app on my phone that ‘gongs’ at certain times of the day.  It immediately reminds me to breath and take a moment!  I love it.   It is all about being mindful.  You can read more about mindfulness here.

If 2020 is going to be a year of anything, it should be the year to fall in love with taking care of yourself.

So in ending this post, I leave you with this…

Breath in strength, breath out bs, be zen af!  ヅ

Good vibes!

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