Hello December, Chapter 12 of 12

Hello December

Hello December

Chapter 12 of 12

You have 30 days left to let go of everything that needs to stay in 2019.   That includes people, pain, defeats, disappointments, grudges, failures, mistakes and missed opportunities.

It is time to let that all go.

You can’t be committed to your bs and your growth.  It is one or the other.

2020 is going to be a year of fresh starts, new chapters and brand new opportunities.

For now, we have one of the most beautiful months upon us.   

Happy December!

December blogging plans.

I will be doing the Mindful Monday posts.

One recipe.

A travel post of The Hell.

My last post every month is the Monthly Round-up which will be there as usual.


December blogging

Christmas tree

Every year I’ve loved putting up the Christmas tree.   Some years I even had multiple trees in different areas of my home.  Since living in Joburg I’ve been in a small apartment and a Christmas tree takes up a lot of space.  I came across the below pics on Facebook and it’s what I’ll do for a tree this year.  I quite love it.

Christmas tree 1
Christmas tree 2

Christmas Playlist.

The Hbubbles Christmas mix is available for a listen on Spotify.

Countdown to 2020!

Happy times!

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