2021 is here

Hello 2021

Ah I remember 2020 like it was yesterday.

What a year it was!

The biggest surprise was the pandemic that affected all of us in so many ways!  I count my blessings that I managed to stay healthy and that I was able to continue working.  

Before the pandemic I got in some travels to Germany and it was my first time visiting Belgium which was great. 

I also completed my certification of becoming a yoga teacher.   That was the most rewarding thing to happen in 2020 for me, yet it was a long and  hard ‘inner’ journey.  It really pushed me to extremes and into the depths of who I am.  There were days I wanted to give up, but I pushed through and I’m so glad that I did.  I’ll tell you, …I have a whole new respect for yoga teachers!!  I also have a whole new kind of respect for myself.  I have shown dedication, discipline and strength when I thought I couldn’t possibly give anymore.

Then there was work …
I don’t do anything without passion, so I gave my all to my job ….. and in that last stretch, I felt so overworked and stressed, I had a bit of a burn-out.  To top it off, you know… just to put the cherry on the top, I fell and bumped my head and had a concussion.

Great, 2020 is done and dusted, with some sprinkles.  

2020 into 2021 Hourglass

Bring on 2021

2021 Hourglass

We made it, hello 2021!

I’ve never really been a resolutions girl.   I don’t like to write a list of things that I won’t achieve.  Maybe I’m just too realistic.  I am, I AM A REALIST.   I actually had this conversation the other day with a colleague and yeah, …we are realists.  We look at the hard facts, the possibilities and the challenges, head-on, and make a calculated decisions for the way forward.   In my life I’m very much the same.  (Ok, ok, I do like taking risks too, but not ever in a way to set myself up for failure).

Let’s be honest,  this new year is not going to magically be our best year.  There is still hard work that lies ahead, and Covid’s second wave is here, right at the beginning.  BUT we enter the year prepared, aware and transformed.

SO this year again I am not setting any resolutions.  Instead I have decided to give myself a word for 2021.  I’m quite excited, because I like my chosen word…  It is something I didn’t have to think about for long, because I’ve felt that it is what I want to get right for myself.  My 2021 word is:


No, the concussion didn’t effect my rational thinking, haha, I really love the idea of aligning myself this year.  Getting aligned with all of the things I aim to have in place, so that my SELF is in the right place for me to meet with that which is waiting for me, meant for me, that otherwise I might have missed.   

I guess it means raising my frequency, my vibration, my energy, UP.  Getting back on my path and not allowing anything to come between it.  It means changing some thought patterns that in the last few months have gotten me down.  It means letting go of that which doesn’t serve me anymore, and moving on to what does.  My happiness comes first this year, and working on getting myself aligned will help me remove the blocks in the road.

What I know will happen

I know that I am moving end of June.  My rental comes up for renewal, and I will not be staying on.  My sights are set firmly on Cape Town.

I have to give notice 3 months ahead, so I know that in March I will be giving notice to my rental agent.

A move is a pretty big change, especially when it is to another city. But I’ve done this plenty times before and I’m ready.  The coast is calling my name.

Something I will be doing again more regularly is tarot readings.

Gosh, I’ve read Tarot for probably I don’t know, almost 25 odd years now.  Or that is when I started.  But there was a period I stopped for quite a long time.  Mainly because some people were too reliant on cards instead of living their lives.  I found myself having to turn people away, that I didn’t want to read for, because they became unable to make decisions without ‘consulting’ the cards.   And that is not what Tarot is.   Tarot is a subtle guidance.  It is your energy mixed into the cards and sort of a highlight reel being shown for things to look out for, be aware of, to not miss out on, to open your eyes to, but not to stop you from being able to live without it.  

The best part of Tarot for me is seeing positive outcomes.  Oh, and when someone draws the same card repeatedly and they shuffle again and get the same card.  That is a clear message!  I love those moments.

I guess my journey with yoga has brought me back to my cards.  I have found a bigger connection to it.  It’s like I have a better understanding of it than I’ve ever had before.

Tarot Shuffling

First I do the yoga, then I do the things.

This has been a mantra for me last year, and it will continue to be.   I’m having to rest a bit after the concussion and heal, and then I will slowly get back on it.

I’d also like to complete a Yin or Restorative course, or the 500hr course.  Might be a bit much to do them all.  But it’s something I am thinking about to build on what I’ve learnt so far.

Asana Focus.

I’ve been practicing press handstands but realise it is going to take a long time to get this right.  So my focus for my personal asana practice in 2021 will be to achieve this by the end of the year.   I manage all the regular stands, headstands, tripod, kick-ups, one-leg, both-legs, but the press handstand… man-oh-man… even the toe-tap is still very hard for me.

Asana Inspiration.

I love following joayoga on insta as he gives regular tips, also marcelclementiyoga is a favourite, but my ultimate yoga inspiration is dylanwerneryoga.   

My teacher caseychiangyoga who was taught under Dylan is quite amazing herself and she is offering a free class on the 1st of January if you catch it in time…  

What's in store for travels...

Well I don't know...

Besides for local flights, when will we really be able to travel again?  This question is very much up to how Covid is managed going forward and when restrictions loosen up.  Right now I don’t foresee any overseas travel, even though ‘travel’ keep showing up in my cards.  ヅ  (It also says I should avoid taking on too much this year as that would be vital for keeping things in check).

If I do venture out of SA, I guess it would be Namibia first, and it would be for work.   But I always manage to build in some leisure time.

I would like to see my family again.  Problem is they are all scattered like stars in the universe.  Literally.  I’d have to choose who to visit.

Travel Namibia

What am I doing this NYE?

Smudging my home!

We are back on level 3 lockdown in SA and a 9pm curfew has been instated. Let’s not mention that loadshedding has also been implemented.  So yeah, I will be lighting the candles and wafting any negative energies right out.

Lavendar smudging 1

Here's to page 1 of 365

This concussion has quite heavily affected my sight,
or maybe it’s just 2021 vision.

Jokes aside…

I think most importantly is to enjoy the little things.
Be grateful for what we have.
And live! Don’t just exist.

In a world full of plants, be a weed“. ~Burritobowldiaries

Happy New Year!

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