Grande Provence Franschoek Entrance

The splendour of
Grande Provence


The splendour of Grande Provence, Franschhoek…

What a beautiful entrance!

The estate has a 325 year history!  It clearly had plenty time to perfect itself.  

Grande Provence Franschhoek map

Franschhoek was founded in 1688, is in the Western Cape, South Africa and surrounded with old-time vineyards, art and architecture.

The last time that I was in Franschhoek was for a wedding, a really beautiful union between two gorgeous souls.

This time I decided to drive through while in the Paarl area for work…

It’s only about a 30 to 40minute drive, and I am considering staying in Franschhoek next time I travel here.  I am mean… who wouldn’t?!  It’s so pretty and lively and the food!!!!!   

I love art.

For as long as I can recall our family had been the creative and active kind.  Whether it be music, art, sport, we as kids learnt early that a leaf lying on the ground is not just an ordinary leaf.  It would be special in its own way, by its midrib, its margins, its veins.  Just like people who were all different by fingerprints and genes and their psychological characteristics.   I guess somewhere in between learning to play the piano and express myself through dance, I found an appreciation for art.   And then I was in a relationship with a special soul who’s dad is a world-renowned sculptor.   And my interest in art grew.

So it’s kind of annoying to some friends when I stop in my tracks to take pictures of the expressions found in the world.

Often, I am annoyed myself because … I am travelling mostly by myself, and so am NEVER in the pictures.   

Then again  I wouldn’t like to spoil a beautiful creation with some random ‘selfie’ haha.


Scluptures at Grande Provence1
Grande Provence Scuptures2
Sculptures Faces 2
Sculpture 3 ladies 1
Sculpture 3 ladies 3
Sculpture 3 ladies 5
Sculpture 3 ladies 7


I drove past a sign that said ‘oysters and bubbly’  that is all it takes really…

Oysters & Sparkling Wine
Happy times!

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