Easy Peasy Yorkshire puds

Easy Peasy Yorkshire Puds

Easy Peasy Yorkshire Puds…. was not always so easy and I admit had me confused.

The first time I ever made Yorkshire Pudding was nearly 20 years ago!   It was a gathering with friends and it was Sam who taught me the recipe.  At first I thought it was a pudding as the name suggests…  an English pudding of sorts.   Only to discover that it had nothing sweet in it!

Since then I’ve come across many variants, some which separate the eggs, others that let the batter rest.   But I’ve found the less fuss version, to be my favorite.   It’s crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and well… easy!


4 Eggs

200ml Milk

200g Plain Flour


Sage, Thyme (Optional)

Sunflower Oil

Yorkshire Pudding easy recipe


1.  Preheat the oil at 190°C in the oven.

2.  Whisk the eggs well.

3.  Gradually add the milk, continuously stirring.

4.  Sift in the flour, keep stirring…

5.  Add the salt (and sage, and/or thyme).

6.  When the oil is thoroughly heated, and I mean HOT (15 minutes in the oven would be enough), carefully remove the oil and pour it into a muffin tray.

7.  Add about 5mm depth of oil to each mould.

8.  Now slowly pour in the batter to each mould, filling it just about to the top.    The oil will already start cooking the outside of the batter.

9.  Put it back into the oven for 25 minutes.  Do not open the oven until the end!   I’ve done this before because I couldn’t see inside through the glass easily, and it flopped.  Just leave it for the required time.

10.  After 25 minutes, remove from the oven and serve.


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