Coco Safar Jakarta Coffee

Coco Safar Jakarta

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What’s not to love about Coco Safar Jakarta Coffee.

I got my hands on a box while in Cape Town and since then have been happy to learn that I can now buy these online from Yuppy Chef.

I’ve enjoyed a few different coffees from the Coco Safar range, but Jakarta makes me want more.  The aroma, the taste… it’s simply the best capsule coffee I’ve tasted yet.  It’s marked a 7/10 intensity, medium roast.

Coco Safar is a luxury coffee, espresso and pâtisserie cafe in Cape Town, with a capsule emporium.  

The word “Coco” is synonymous with luxury and “Safar” means journey in many languages. 

If you’re a coffee lover, go check them out if you are ever in the area.   

Peace Love Coffee

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