Xmas 2020

Christmas wishes

This is just to wish everyone who celebrates, a very merry everything and a happy always!

I knew that this year wasn’t going to be MY usual MERRY kind of Christmas time, knowing that I wouldn’t be celebrating with friends or family.  Still I am grateful to have my health and the means to communicate with those far away in other ways.

I‘ve worked hard this year.  Also outside of work I’ve achieved so much this year, yet for someone who lives mindfully toward a yogic lifestyle, I have had many days where I felt like a failure.  Days I’ve lost my temper.  Days that I’ve just totally lost it.  I’m aware of the negative self-talk on those days…  But I also realise that I am human.  I have off days.  I am not perfect.  I am grateful for the person who said to me the other day “but Heidi, you always bounce back”.  They’re right.  I do.  I’m a little bouncer.  I may be a little burnt out. BUT I can’t be kept down.

As for Covid too that kept us mostly indoors, masked and restrained, it didn’t keep me down.  While it has taken over much of this year, and probably will for some time to come, the wheel will turn again.  Some people will have to walk the path forward having lost loved ones and may feel that it has all just been too much.  For you I wish a lighter heart and hope that you have the support of other loved ones by your side.  

Music has always been the one thing to bring me some kind of happiness.  Whether it be memories or inspiration or just a smile on my face.  

And so… I share my Xmas music mix again this year, some new songs added, some removed, and then there are those eternal favorites.

The Hbubbles Xmas mix

Get ready for an off-the-charts 2021 that could bring you to new heights, pandemic or not.

Now go on and have a little more bubbly and a little less stress, or I’ll text Santa!

Choose joy!

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