So what is Bloglovin' ?

Bloglovin’ is a content sharing platform that allows you to read, organize and discover your favorite blogs and  start growing a following.   

Once you register on the platform you are able to create two accounts;

your personal profile – it aggregates feeds from sources with RSS, so all the new posts from blogs you follow will  be available to you here.

your blog profile – it will automatically pull your blog’s latest posts into your profile and your followers will be updated as soon as a new post is live on your blog.

Bloglovin’ is a marketing tool and it is  free to use.  All you have to do is keep blogging.


5 Points on how to get the most out of Bloglovin'

1.  Follow blogs you love.   The chances are that your favourite bloggers already have accounts on Bloglovin’.

2.  View some of your favourite blogs’ followers that are similar to what you enjoy reading.  Engage with them  by following their profiles and leaving a comment in a post that you like.

3.  Every once in a while, share a post from your Bloglovin’ URL to social media, instead of always sharing directly from your blog.

4.  Make use of the Bloglovin’ widget or follow buttons.    You can get this here, or design your own.   I’ve placed mine in my sidebar, below the social links.

5.  Stay active.  I have to say for me Bloglovin’ is the one site I visit everyday.  It allows me to see all the new posts from everyone I follow in one place.   It’s like catching up on Facebook and Twitter or the news, I just do it, every day!  Reading and commenting on the posts shows your interest and some will visit your blog too.

So there you have it, a way to expand your reach and simplify the way that you read multiple blogs!

I wasn’t asked to write this post or compensated in any way.   I just like to use it, so why not share it..

Happy times!

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