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Blogiversary Time

Hbubblesover blog turns one!

It’s been 365 days since the journey started.  I can’t believe it is already blogiversary time!

Thank you to those who have spent time here reading, catching up and being in touch.  For me it has been an absolute ride!   

Hbubblesover started on 12 January 2019 as a platform for sharing experiences, later developing into a lifestyle blog with collections of my interests covering doses of travel and adventure, eats and drinks, and so much more.

I’ve learnt a lot and have become passionate about design and social media and find myself forever learning more about writing and blogging, while imparting the knowledge.  Taking online courses in digital marketing on the side has also been interesting as I learn to better understand the functioning of SEO, analytics and all that which goes on in the background.

I’m confident this is only the beginning of an incredible long journey.


The Hbubblesover quote.

46 Posts.

365 days ago….   I hit publish on my first post.  

It was a post about my zip-lining experience at Sun City and published into the Adventure/Activities category on the blog.

Most popular post.

The most popular post to date on the blog  is The Visa Free List of Countries for Saffas.   This was also the post that made me realise it is important to add value.


While I was very Insta focused, I wasn’t very present on Facebook.  I did set up a Hbubblesover page, though it’s been a dwindling one.  I do need to build more on it and I plan to do so in 2020… I have a plan ‘wink’, which would require a Facebook group to be started too.  

My Twitter page is more of the sharing and caring, ‘mingling’ kind…  


Most popular Insta posts

Blogging has tought me:

What blogging has tought me poster

1.  It will become a huge part of your life

A blog pretty much is your creation, right…, so it becomes a part of life where much time and graft is invested in it.  It is hard work and there is always more to do…

2.  Patience

Patience was never my strong suite, but while I’ve experienced a few site crashes, mostly due to playing around with code and getting it wrong, I’ve had to patiently fix things. ヅ  It for sure has taught me to back-up more often, but mostly I’ve learnt to stay calm and actually have patience.  

3.  Never compare

There will always be 7673456820 people who you see as more successful than you.  There is nothing to be gained by comparing.  It is not a competition.

4.  Be consistent

Blogging requires you to step it up, to be dependable and reliable.  If you’ve committed to something, it’s important to follow through.  

5.  Making videos is hard

I’ve still not got the hang of it.  But want to do it!  Dammit I will. Haha

6.  Fellow blogger love

The only people who really understand your life are fellow bloggers.  Literally!

This blog has brought me fulfillment and much joy.  They say that 90% of blogs cease to exist within the first 12 months.  That makes Hbubblesover part of 10% !  

I like what I’ve created and I hope you do too!

NOW it is time to cut the cake, blow out the candle and celebrate!


Happy times!

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