August 2019 Review

August '19

August 2019 Review

It's a wrap.

Where has time gone…

Honestly I feel like August flew like a Swift.  Not Taylor Swift, but like the bird.   Although mind you, Taylor made her appearance with her new album ‘Lover’ and now the Swifties are singing praise so much so that husbands write about it… check out this twitter thread – absolutely brilliant – loved it!


Shake it off – one of my favorite Taylor songs…  

and so I did shake it off… 

the horrible costachondritis that I had for nearly 3 long months.   Good riddance!

Oh…, did I forget to mention that I’m a Tay fan too ヅ



I miss the beach.  I miss my feet running through the cool sand.  I miss having the sea on my doorstep.  I miss the coastal rain.   I miss Troy and Yoshimitsu (deceased cats).  I miss Carike and Del (friends).   I miss having a garden.  I miss my mom.

I missed a lot of things this month.   

Me … being a bit Delicate.



I’m late to a few series.  

The Crown is about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.  While at first I struggled to get into it, I did get heavily in. 

Claire Foy is a convincing young QE, and really majority of the cast makes this drama series a royal  triumph.  I particularly enjoyed watching Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret, oh dear Margaret!   Also Matthew Goode (from A Discovery Of Witches) does a great job lording it up as Snowden.

I’ve only just finished the first season and quite excited to get onto season 2.


Staying with Vanessa Kirby… I watched her in a completely different role in Hobbs & Shaw (a spinoff of The Fast & Furious franchise).   

Flanked by Dwayne Johnson (Hobbs), Jason Statham (Shaw) and Idris Elba, Vanessa stands her ground in this insane comedy action adding some proper girl power.

If I’m honest, in my opinion it’s a senseless, background movie for when working on my laptop.   Some scenes completely went by unnoticed, while other scenes had me paused on the laptop, mouth hanging open wondering wtf.



Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind.   -by Yuval Noah Harari.

A focus on Homo sapiens, Yuval explores who we are, where we came from and where we are going.  I enjoyed the simplicity in his writing.


Yuval must be a serious deep thinker to have come up with such a methodically, well-organised, thorough breakdown of how it all went down.

I mean the book is gripping and thought provoking.  It makes sense, and yet makes you wonder.  

I’ve never enjoyed books that offer more questions than answers.  Sapiens is different in that it narrows the open-endedness right down to two or three real possibilities, and then makes perfect sense of it for you.   

He continues to open your eyes as the chapters unfold.

Update:  Read the full review here.

Read online.

Sometimes I like to find totally random posts to read.   The following are some short reads I enjoyed…

Why You Shouldn’t Throw Things Away In The Name of  Sustainability.   Some plastic-free, zero-waste motivation … cause it matters!

The Simplest Way To Make Your Life More Pleasurable.  Pinpointing pleasure as a mindfulness target.

Why I Detoxed My Social MediaBeing selective.

Before The Internet.  Haha… ‘before the internet, if you were in need of some facts, you might actually decide to consult an old person’.

Ate | Drank.

Truffles on the Park is a botanical restaurant located on the Mushroom Farm Park in Sandton.

There’s such attention to detail, especially in the menu.  It had me reading it like a good book!

The food is heavenly and it’s always a pleasure when the service is that good.

It’s kid friendly, having a playground on the side of the building.  But the greenery throughout is what I loved most.    

Check out their Instagram to see the gorgeous decor!

Truffles on the Park


An oldie I like to play every once in a while is by Fiona Apple, I Walk a Little Faster.  It’s just so quirky and cute and i love her jazzy demure sound, it always perks me up.  

As August was Taylor month, it’s no surprise she’s on my playlist here.

Then Zara’s been playing literally all the time during commute this last week.


What was August like for you.

More importantly what have you got planned for September?

I booked myself up with some spa/beauty spoils. You can read about it here.

Happy times!


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