Sun City Entrance

A Sun City Zip Lining experience

Welcome to the Lost City

Sun City and its Lost City is a 2-hour drive from Johannesburg, in the Pilanesberg mountains.  It sits in the crater of an extinct volcano.  

Sun City was built in 1979 and The Lost City in 1992 and inspired by an ancient myth.  


South Africa’s wildlife is detailed in the design.

Sun City Elephants
Sun City Elephant sculpture



Elephants and big cats 
sculptures and statues are seen throughout the city.




All types from the African animal kingdom are portrayed along your walks…


Sun City water statues


…and then some…



Sun City monkey statue

How inviting is this...

Sun City pool area
The Lost City

But the reason for my visit this time...

…is to Zip Line up to speeds of 160kms /h for 2kms!

Steps to the zip lining deck

After a bit of a drive and a walk, you look back to see The Lost City in the background.

Views of the city

View from the zip lining deck

And here we are...

Getting strapped in

No pressure!

Strapping in for the zip lining experience


‘Lump in throat’


Zip lining. It's getting real.


No pressure at all シ

Zip slide session in progress

Looking down

Zip lining getting closer
View from the rope. Oh my that is high
Looking down
Nerves before the slide

And just like that, it was over in a flash!

It was nuts!  I loved it.

You speed up as you go and slow down near to the landing point.  

You have the option to go solo or tandem.

For this, my friend and I decided to dive in together head first, literally!   

Check out the Zip Slide Company called Zip 2000 here.

Happy times

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