View from airplane arriving in Port Elizabeth
Photo taken from my flight as arriving in Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth


A Port Elizabeth visit – on the whim!

It was a late evening when Candice and I was texting about locations for a 2020 holiday.   We’ve been discussing this for months and still haven’t been able to decide on a place.  While texting she asked when I’m coming to visit again, and with almost no hesitation I responded “how ’bout tomorrow”?  Just like that, I booked a flight and went home for a li’l visit.


I was beyond excited to see the sea from the plane. The sense of familiarity came over me and I realised I had a soft smile on my face.   

If there is one thing I can say about Port Elizabeth it is that the people always seem happy.  I mean it is known as the friendly city.  …Also as the windy city.  

Now that I’ve been back for a very short visit after having not been for two years, I can say YES, people will nod and greet you, smile just because and some even start a random conversation.  

PE people are like family.  It definitely is a friendly city and my god it IS a windy one. 

Of course my actual family, Candice was waiting at the airport and I couldn’t wait to see her.


King's Beach view

Ate | Drank.

After dropping the bag at home and having a quick vino, we were off to lunch…


Beer Yard is one of my favorite well, beer yards in PE.  It is a funky little restaurant with a pool and always a good vibe.   

We stopped there for a quick lunch involving sliders;
1) Brie and pear, 
2) Mexican
3) Bacon & Cheese
and  side of zucchini crisps.

Lunch at Beeryard
Beer next to the pool at Beeryard Port Elizabeth


When at Beeryard, we have beer…

They have taster options and so it’s a place one can quickly forget that you were there for a quick lunch, and instead spend a long afternoon tasting all kinds of beer and just forget about time.

Bridge Street Brewery.

Later we moved on to The Bridge Street Brewery for some pink drinks and bloody marys…

It’s always a good idea to wind down listening to the live bands under the umbrellas.

Two beer venues in one day, I can only say it was a good day.  

Bridge Street Brewery
Drinks at Bridge Street Brewery Port Elizabeth

It’s no secret I love a good Bloody Mary.  I am the (self-proclaimed) queen of making Bloody Marys at home.  I even have my own version I call the ‘Potent Mary’.  Yeah.  Don’t judge.

Bridge Street don’t make the best BM I will say.   They do make a great pizza!

Some street art.

Street Art in Richmond Hill Port Elizabeth

Just off Stanley Street in Port Elizabeth.

We were now really enjoying ourselves and quickly realised we still hadn’t discussed any detail whatsoever about our pending trip.  

A quick decision was made to narrow down our preferred locations.  One of the criteria was that it had to be a place that offers something we’ve never experienced.  There were so many awesome places to consider.  I had my heart set on a sailing summer holiday in Croatia but that would be later in the year.  Antartica has been a dream destination of mine.  Candice was leaning toward Japan, or she was just leaning, trying to get the waiter’s attention.  Haha.  “Let’s order a bottle of wine”…  

We continued naming places and kept coming back to the idea of Japan, which I’d also love to see.  We talked about Jordan and Bali.   Bali was an easy, inexpensive option and an all-round different culture.  It’s also been on my yoga-retreat wish-list.  After hours of laughing and being on-off topic, I think we made up our minds.

… And so the days go when in the Bay.  

Happy times!

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