Healthy staples

7 Healthy staples to keep in your cupboard..

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard.  For me it means eating real, unprocessed foods.  While I don’t deny myself anything that I might be craving, I always keep healthy basics available in the cupboard.  It makes it easier to eat healthy.  I’d rather whip up something I have on hand than having to go to the shop for one item. 

I keep these items stock up at all times.


No surprise here since every so often I have a photo pop up on insta of my breakfast oats.  I also love adding rolled-oats to smoothies.  I’ve even gone so far as to upgrade my morning with tea-infused oats


I’m a fan of no-sugar pasta sauce.   It’s easy to prepare a healthy version of marinara with a can of crushed tomatoes, garlic and herbs in less than an half hour.    I love it in shakshouka and of course just about any chili recipe calls for a can.


I only started eating quinoa last year.  Now I can’t go without it.  It is one of my favourite grains, and you can really have it in so many ways.  Quinoa bowls is a regular, but the number one quinoa salad for me is Beet, Avo, Kumquat & Quinoa. Devine!


I use white beans to make a hummus dip, black beans for enchiladas, red kidney beans in lamb stew,  oh my the list goes on.   


Wraps are quick and easy to prepare and can go savoury or sweet.  


Coconut Milk is so versatile I wonder how I ever lived without it.   It’s a must in Thai green curry, LOVE it as an elixir and it gives more body to soups.  This date & tahini shake right here is the bomb!


It is the only sweetener that I use.   I love it in rooibos tea, I sweeten marinades and salad dressings, drizzle it on oats and sometimes just have it on a spoon.


What is your çant-go-without staples?


Healthy eating!

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